A ticket inspection is carried out by responsible ticket inspectors of DPB (Bratislava Transport Company). A ticket inspector is obligated to identify themselves by a card and a badge. Ticket validators get blocked after 15 seconds from the door closing. It is compulsory for a passenger to have a valid ticket.

The fines for travelling without a valid ticket are as follows:

  • 50 € if paid on site or within next 10 working days in the Surcharge cashdesk office (Olejkárska street 1) or in the DPB ticket shops at Main railway station or Hodžovo square (underpass),
  • 70 € if paid later,
  • 5 € if a passenger is not able to prove the possession of a valid long-term prepaid ticket (the possession of the prepaid ticket must be proved from 48 hours to 30 days) or fare reduction card,
  • 5 € if a passanger travells without a valid ticket for baggage, bicycle or dog.

You can pay a fine by cash or by a bank card directly in a vehicle. All procedures regarding the fine payment or passenger identification must be done in a vehicle.

Furthermore, fines can be also paid at operator's Surcharge cashdesk office at Olejkárska street no. 1. You can pay either by cash or by a bank card.


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Reply on: alex.mucea #17:
I am sorry for my quick response. I had not read the whole text before I replied. It is really sad what has happened to you. Try the way Dispecer has suggested and I hope you will be fine. I understand if this experience has overshadowed your stay but still I hope you give Bratislava a chance. Best wishes.
Reply on: alex.mucea #17:
Alexandru, you are barking at the wrong tree. This ste has nothing to do with your complaint. We are just a bunch of public transport freaks.?
Reply on: alex.mucea #17: are not website of DPB (Dopravný podnik Bratislavy). Please, send your complaint to DPB, for example via e-mail: . ?
Bratislava 11.06.2018

Complain on Control: 1065365

Dear DPB,

I want to express my concern and disappointment in regard with the attitude of the Control Person I had to be subjected at on the date 7.6.2018, at the hour 16:40 on the bus 21, by the Control Person – “Cislo Revizora 12” and his colleagues.
On that same date I have purchased an online ticket, as you can control on my transportation card number: 3 6121 7762 5547 0340, but my bad I haven’t noticed that the ticket is not valid on the same day. At the mentioned hour the control came, I have exhibited my transportation card and it wasn’t valid. I was asked to provide an ID card, which I have immediately provided. The controller decided even though I have exhibited a valid EU ID it wasn’t good enough to be accepted, he said the only solution was to call the police, and refuse to give me a ticket, in disregard with the official “Prepravny poriadok at the Art. 14.5 - Článok A.14 Kontrola cestovných dokladov” and also in complete disregard with the EU Council Framework Decision 2005/214/JHA adopted by the Slovak government with the Law 183/2011. While I was trying to explain to them in my poor Slovak mixed with English that there is a European law which forbids them to threat non-residents differently than residents and I have told him to give me the paper with the fine, his answer was: “Cio do pici, to je Slovenskie Republike to nie je Europeiske Unie”. Understanding there was no chance for me to win this dispute I have waited in silence for the Police.

When the police arrived, they forced them to apply the EU law and give me the fine, and they didn’t miss to express their disapproval, in Slovak so I wasn’t able to understand it but I have perceived it perfectly.

I want to say that I have felt and I have been treated like a criminal, for a mistake, made in completely good faith, and I am writing this complain with the hope you will do something regarding it and that no one else will have to go through what I have passed, and people, especially foreigners will see that Bratislava is not only a nice city but also a fair one.

Best regards,
C. Alexandru Mucea
Reply on: Eithne.dooley@gm #15:
I understand your ticket was validated, I just mentioned ticket validation as an example of the differing attitudes of ticket inspectors towards tourists and/or foreigners I'm used to seeing in Bratislava and abroad.


I validated my ticket when entering the tram, which was at the same stop the inspector entered. The destination wad the Dell building. I didn't offer any excuse, just paid the fine without arguing. But I don't believe there could be any doubt about where I got on or where I intended to get off. I will have to travel to Bratislava again for work, so there is no loss of my custom as a result.
Reply on: Ike #13:
I believe the Dell building was the destination...

I agree with Eithne. Many times I've seen ticket inspectors abroad explaining visitors how to validate a ticket onboard instead of fining them right away for not having their tickets validated. I consider this "presumption of guilt" attitude of the transport company a disgrace to Bratislava. (Of course it's individual and not exclusive to our city.) The public image damage in my opinion simply isn't worth the negligible financial loss stemming from some foreigners potentially abusing this by habitually pretending to be uninformed tourists...

Eithne, if you care to potentially waste some more time on this, I'd definitely try to submit a request to DPB, though don't get the hopes too high.
Reply on: Eithne.dooley@gm #11:
I think your origin location is clear regardless of your Dell equipment, because the ticket stamp mark includes an origin stop code and thus an inspector knows exactly where you have validated your ticket. What was your problem was the destination of your journey. You did not (and I completely believe you that it definitely was not your intention), but you could have travelled 4 zones (outside Bratislava) with this ticket if you had not ran into the inspector. Inasmuch as you are certainly not entitled to travel for reduced fare that would be considered as a violation of the passenger transport terms and conditions.

Please note that inspectors listen various made-up excuses on almost daily basis and really are not legitimated to subjectively decide which are true and which not. The inspector indeed could take account of the fact you are a lost foreigner, but still, the passenger transport terms and conditions for Bratislava PT are written clearly in English and German language (e. g. on this site), especially when it comes to intra-urban single journeys. Yet, we are people and even imposing a fine should be done in a polite way.

We certainly feel sorry for what happened to you and are aware that this could leave a minus mark for Bratislava on your imaginary traveller's map, but still hope you have enjoyed your stay and will return soon 🙂
Reply on: Eithne.dooley@gm #11:
In cases like this, it may be better not to pay the fine right away and request the DPB to pardon the fine. If explained thoroughly, the DPB tends to do that in such cases. You can even try submit a request this time, the DPB might refund you the money.


The fact that I got off outside the Dell office, with a Dell back pack, and my Dell employee I.D. might lead a reasonable person to believe that I had always intended to get off at that stop.

I'm sure the ticket inspector was "technically" correct to issue the fine, but another person may have explained my mistake to me politely and waived the fee.

I found this page when I googled "Bratislava Tram Inspector" so I commented in the hope that my comment may help somebody else who uses Google like this.
Reply on: Eithne.dooley@gm #9:
While I understand your frustration, ticket inspector was right to fine you: I presume you have purchased reduced ticket for 4 zones. While this was more than you should have paid on route you actually travelled on, it was less than you would have paid for equivalent ticket without the discount. There was no way to verify you only intended to travel those two stops when you presented ticket for much greater distance (allowing you to travel even outside Bratislava). Of course, ticket inspectors should always remain polite and explain this - it's pity they often don't. I hope the rest of your stay in Bratislava was more pleasant.

Please note that this is not official website of DPB. If you wish to contact them, you should write them to


Today I got the tram for 2 stops, less than 5 mins. I understand now the fare should have been 70x but being a foreigner I selected the wrong ticket, and paid 75c. Ticket inspector was very aggressive with me and fined me 50 euro. I complied fully with him, and did not argue, but have since discovered that I had actually paid more than I needed to, even though it was the wrong ticket. For a growing city/country this attitude is not the way to attract visitors.
Thank you very much.
Reply on: MADIRISHMAN #6:
The front page of the ticket should be facing up.
Which way do the tickets go into the validator, the front of the ticket facing up or facing down? Or does it not matter? Last time I was in Bratislava the printing was on the rear of the ticket after validation. Many thanks for your help.
Reply on: Scorned canadian #4:
You can try to write them at and explain your situation. Unfortunately I don't think you will be successful.
Scorned canadian

Scorned canadian

Is there any way to contest a ticket? I got a fine today coming back from the airport to the main train station. I bought a ticket, and when I it on the bus, I put it in the machine that validates it, the light on it went off and I thought that was that, but the numbers didn't get stamped on, so when the inspectors checked my ticket they gave me a 50€ fine. I was just going from the airport to the train station, I did everything I needed to do, and thought that it was ok. I don't even know what they think my endgame WAS, reuse the ticket?? I was leaving the country immediately for Vienna! I'm a student and don't have 50€ to burn, is there anything I can do??
Božskej Kája

Božskej Kája

Reply on: fubratislova #1:
Where are you from? I`m asking this because Slovakia is very good country especialy Bratislava ,High Tatras and Low Tatras these are favourite destinations....and other cities too.. where are you from let me know it, I must know in what is your country better that you dont givechance to Slovakia. Please. ?
Reply on: fubratislova #1:
1 hour is really enough time to buy ticket. Anyway, point of your post is apparently rant, not normal discussion so.. thanks for your opinion, we don't care, good night.
Slovakia was greedy poor poverty country I have been before!!! They are known as the most poor country in the Europe as you know~ We were just traveler who just arrived 1hour before but ticket inspector was so rude and arrogant to I mean to get money(our fine) from tourist. Actually their attitude was suitable with their country position I think...We stayed 3days but we didn't see anything in the city and we just went to Swedish IKEA. We will never go poor slovakia and never recommand to anyothers.In this occasion,I realized that why many tourist dont visit slovakia!!! So disgusting arrogant but super poor country!!!