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Reply on: S499.1023 #45:
Well im Bad a speaking any laungue
Reply on: tiny111223 #44:
Your English doesn't seem to be very native.
Reply on: Ričard #43:
I mean they dont show 99% of the news on the English version so i go to the slovak one and google automatically translates it
Reply on: tiny111223 #42:
This is a Slovak website, but has a pretty good English translation.

Hehe. 😄
Reply on: Ričard #41:
Sorry i thought i wouldnt see anyone english who would care about Bratislava mhd
Reply on: tiny111223 #40:
Excuse me?
Omg it can't be... ENGLISH SPEAKERS LIKE ME!
Reply on: Ričard #37:
Reply on: Gbishop #33:
There can only be one baby carriage in the vehicle. Second one only on the responsibility of the driver. Drivers are few and overworked.
Reply on: RasSak #36:
Yes, you can, but only on weekends and public holidays, not school holidays. Upcoming public holidays are this Friday and next Monday.
Hello, can I use 24hours e- ticket (all zones) for one adult and one 8yrs old children on not working days? Thank's for answer!
Reply on: Gbishop #33:
I’m really not fond of writing this, but this is, unfortunately, how Slovaks are, especially the drivers of Bratislava’s public transit system. Aggression and impoliteness are quite common here. 😞
Reply on: Gbishop #33:
Was the dog in a box, or did it have a basket on its mouth? However he had to be polite.
Bus number 6859 route 42 towards C. Most.

Driver was rude and unfriendly. Asked a woman with a baby carriage and a small dog to exit the bus for no discernible reason. Dog was a small french buldog. And was i no way affecting other passengers. Infact if anything it was the driver that made passengers feel uncomfortable.

Driver was aggressive with horn as well, again, for no reason.

Rather unpleasant and unnecessary.
Reply on: GGazdag #29:
The validity of the ticket in the app starts immediately at the moment of purchase. The other option is to set a delay for a validity start up to 90 minutes from the time of purchase, manually.
Reply on: Ričard #30:
I will add that the condition is that at least one person over 18 and at least one person under 18 are present AT THE SAME TIME in the same vehicle. The ticket is not valid for 5 children only or 5 adults only.

Possible combinations are:
1 adult + 1, 2, 3 or 4 children
2 adults + 1, 2 or 3 children
Reply on: GGazdag #29:
Hello, there is NO 24-hour family ticket available. REGULAR 24-hour tickets are valid for one person during workdays and for up to 5 people on weekends. It is the same ticket and you DON'T have to purchase any family options.
Dear Operators,
I'd like to ask information about ticket purchasing. How I can buy the 24h family ticket online? I didn't find it in the app. When does the validity of 24h ticket start? Can we use only a mobile phone for the whole family? (Of course we will travel together)
Regards, Gabor
Dobré ráno,
Gratulujeme k vašej stránke. je mimoriadne kompletný, najmä pre nás nadšencov dopravy. Ohromne mi pomohol, keď som minulý rok prvýkrát prišiel do Bratislavy. Skutočné potešenie hľadať a nájsť typ vozidla a všetky informácie, ktoré s tým súvisia.
Ešte raz gratulujem a ďakujem za túto prácu. Mám otázku ohľadom historických liniek A, H a M. Budú cez víkendy aj toto leto v prevádzke? Rád by som to opäť využil a možno objavil nové vozidlá, keď sa toto leto vrátim do Bratislavy.
Mám druhú otázku: Mám zbierku uniforiem MHD a polokošeľa DPB sa mi zdala veľmi pekná. Hľadám teda jednu do zbierky. Môžem kúpiť, ak je ponúknutá cena primeraná alebo vymeniť napr. za prepravné polokošeľu Nice. Bolo by teda možné cez vaše fórum mi dať kontakt na agenta DPB? Zanechaním odkazu, ktorý ide týmto smerom.
Vopred dakujem za odpoved.
Do skorého videnia.
(Som Francúz a používam automatický prekladač, ďakujem za zhovievavosť v prípade chýb).
Reply on: helfriedk #26:
Yes, select "Single Journey Tickets" an then "Day tickets". 168h tickets are at the bottom. The time validity begins with the purchase of the ticket.