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Reply on: astur #14:
A handy rule:

All routes with one-digit and two-digit numbers (except a particular section of the line no. 37) fall into 100+101 zones (Bratislava). Furthermore all trolleybuses numbered from 201 to 212. Without single look to the map.

If you wish, you can also use other public transport vehicles + trains, but all of them runs beyond the boundaries of Bratislava and thus you have to check the list of stops and its regional assignment over.?
Reply on: astur #14:
Devin is part of Bratislava, so day ticket for Bratislava (3,50€) will be sufficient.
I'm going to travel to Bratislava this summer, and I need to know if I can use "24 hours ticket" to go to Devin (I want to visit the Castle) from "Most SNP" or I need a different ticket?
If I can arrive there with the day ticket, which one I must buy?

Validity Basic Reduced
24 hours / 100+101 3,50 € 1,75 €

24 hours / all zones 6,90 € 3,45 €

Reply on: murphy #11:
What is the exact time of your arrival? Did you mean you would arrive early at the 31st of December or early at the 1st of January?

Anyway here is the timetable:

from the airport. See if something suits you. As 810zssk have already mentioned, the frequency of PT services is to be increased during the night between 31st and 1st.

Reply on: murphy #11:
61 will operate, the reason why you can't find it is probably that New Year's Eve timetables are not uploaded yet. Don't worry, all services will operate as on any other Sunday (and nighttime service will be increased).

I will be arriving early on New Year's Eve (31.12.2017 Sunday) but when I search for 61 bus times from Letisko / Airport I get a "We are sorry, but no connection has been found." error.

Are there no number 61 buses running that day or is there a mistake on the journey planner?

Best regards,
Do you respect student cards of other countries as a confirmation of being a student? Or do I need to have f.e ISIC or EURO26?
Reply on: MarcinM #8:
You only need ticket for 3,50€. This ticket is valid for zones 100 and 101, which cover all of Bratislava (including airport).
I have some questions:
These roules about zones are not clear for me.

So I ask shortly: If I woluld like to go from the airport to the main city (for example to main station) and then somewhere from main city (f.a. Old Town Hall) to Devin castle and then to the bus station - will be enough if I buy 24 hours tickets for 3,50 eur ? or should I buy ticket for 6,90 eur ?
Reply on: Zotya #5:,+Bratislava/@48.148573,17.1076857,3a,66.8y,113.93h,93.12t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sCAoSLEFGMVFpcE5JT3hpdjU4bkJTcTdzMktocDk3ejRKUVAwTGVQRVZ5WHFCanpa!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x476c895b1c108e8d:0xa6b9649fbb78a323

The bus stop shelters (The Central Station & SAV) are visible next to the gate with golden application. The bus stop for another direction (Zochova & Petržalka) is located in the passage on the right of the EY building (the ceiling is visible on the panorama). Both trolleybus stops (Kollarovo námestie & Castle) are located in front of the TATRA BANKA building. The entrance to underpass is located on the trolleybus stop (Castle) and you can get either to another trolleybus stop (Kollarovo námestie) or to the bus stop in the EY building passage (Zochova & Petržalka). Though the bus stop for the central station direction is not directly connected to the underpass, it is connected with the opposite bus stop via pair of pedestrian crossings.

Hope it is clear now.
Reply on: Zotya #5:
Buses stop at different place than trolleybuses at Hodzovo namestie. This will mean short walk across the square, or via underpass. Trolleybuses towards the castle stop in front of presidential palace, you can't really miss it.

Reduced tickets are valid for selected groups of passengers such as students, invalids and seniors. These discounts are in theory available to all EU citizens, but obtaining required documents is quite a hassle for foreigners, so unless you are staying for an extended period of time, it's not worth it. Exceptions are people over 62, who only need their ID to use reduced tickets.
Thank you very much!

Can I walk much to walk from bus to trolley bus stop towards the castle or are the stops in one place?
And one question: What do the reduced tickets mean?
Reply on: Zotya #3:
48.149029, 17.107107 - towards SAV & Central Station
48.147991, 17.106914 - towards Zochova & Petrzalka
48.148141, 17.108191 - towards Kollarovo namestie & Bus Station
48.148535, 17.108277 - towards the castle
Dear IMHD,

Can I get a GPS coordinate for Hodzovo námestie bus and trolleybus stop?

I am looking for to hearing from you soon!
Thank you!
Reply on: IRINA #1:
No, but all ticket machines are equipped by information in english language. You can buy the 72h ticket and the 24h ticket for 100+101 zones.

Can we buy public transport tickets online .To Us need 4 tickets for 4 days.