Getting to the Airport

Routes to and from the airport

The Bratislava airport (Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika) is served by the following routes:

  • Route 61, which directly connects the airport and the main railway station (Hlavná stanica) and calls at important interchange stops Račianske mýto, Trnavské mýto, Zimný štadión and Bajkalská 
  • Route 96, which offers a connection of the airport and Ružinov and Petržalka estates, as well as a single-transfer connection with the central bus station (Autobusová stanica)
  • Night route N61, which directly connects the airport, the central bus station (Autobusová stanica) and the main railway station (Hlavná stanica). At the railway station or at Hodžovo námestie stop, there are several quick transfer options for other night routes to the peripheral areas of the city

Note: a direct connection between the airport and the central bus station is not possible during the day. Therefore, we recommend using the options below:

  • When travelling from the airport, use route 96 towards Petržalka, Prokofievova, change for route 50 towards Aupark at Trnavská stop and get off at Autobusová stanica stop, or, alternatively, use route 61 towards Hlavná stanica, change for route 205 towards Nemocnica sv. Michala at Sabinovská stop and get off at Autobusová stanica stop
  • When travelling from the bus station, use routes 202 or 212 towards Čiližská / Cintorín Vrakuňa, change for route 96 towards Letisko / Airport at Prievozská stop and travel all the way to the terminal stop

More connections can be found using the Journey Planner.

Fare information

For the majority of journeys to and from the airport, a 60-minute ticket is recommended. When travelling from the airport to the railway station or vice versa by route 61 with no transfers, it is enough to purchase a 30-minute ticket. For luggage, a 0.35 € (15-minute discounted ticket) is needed and it is valid for 180 minutes, in spite of being a 15-minute ticket only if purchased for a passenger.

Both single- and multi-journey time-limited tickets can be purchased in red ticket machines in the arrival terminal at the airport.

If you are a Slovak cellular carrier customer and need a full fare ticket for both you and your luggage, it is beneficial to purchase an SMS ticket for 1.00 € (40 minutes) or 1.30 € (70 minutes) by sending any SMS message to 1140 or 1100, respectively. Such ticket is valid for all day and night routes and includes a luggage fare. Keep in mind that you need to receive an SMS back from the ticket provider before boarding any service.

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