Current fleet

Trams (Trolleys)
Ganz1910109 years104II1historic vehicle
BMEŽ "Štvorokeňák"193782 years181historic vehicle
BMEŽ "Päťokeňák"193881 years311historic vehicle
SGP-DPMB195465 years1351historic vehicle
T2195960 years2151historic vehicle
DPMB #38195960 years381historic vehicle
T3/III.CS196455 years2751historic vehicle
K2197148 years3171historic vehicle
K2S197148 years71031
Schörling197247 years84311work vehicle, historic vehicle
K2S197445 years7102, 71172
K2S197544 years7101, 7104, 7108–7109, 7113–7115, 7118, 7120, 7122, 712411
T3S197544 years7301–73022
T3AS197544 years73031
T3 Mod197544 years73041
T3M197544 years7602II, 7610II2work vehicle
T3P197544 years77151
T3/V.CS197544 years84371work vehicle
K2S197742 years7105–7107, 7110–7112, 7116, 7119, 7121, 7123, 712511
T3M198237 years7733–77342
T3M198237 years84391work vehicle
K2G198336 years70851
K2S198336 years71351
T3/VI.SUCS198534 years84341work vehicle
T3P198732 years7781–7792, 7795–7796, 7799–780016
T3/VI.SUCS198732 years7819–78202historic vehicle
T3G198930 years7835–784612
T6A5/I199128 years7901–792828
T6A5/I199227 years7929–79346
T6A5/II199326 years7935–794612
T6A5/III199623 years7947, 7949, 79513
T6A5/III199722 years7948, 7950, 7952–79589
T3P/VarCB3200514 years7704II1
T3P/VarCB3200613 years7703II1
K2S200712 years71261
T3P/VarCB3200712 years7717II–7718II, 7706II3
K2S200811 years7127–71304
K2S200910 years7131–71344
Škoda 30T0 ForCity Plus20145 years7501–75022low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 29T1 ForCity Plus20154 years7401–741515low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 29T2 ForCity Plus20154 years7418–7421, 7416–74176low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30T1 ForCity Plus20154 years7503–751513low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30T2 ForCity Plus20154 years7516–753015low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 29T2 ForCity Plus20163 years7422–74309low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
ČKD Tatra K234.87085, 7101–713536
ČKD Tatra T330.77301–7304, 7703II–7704II, 7706II, 7715, 7717II–7718II, 7733–7734, 7781–7792, 7795–7796, 7799–7800, 7835–784640
ČKD Tatra T626.37901–795858
Škoda 29T ForCity Plus3.77401–743030
Škoda 30T ForCity Plus4.17501–753030
Number of vehicles210
Number of vehicles in service194 (92.4%)
Average age of vehicles in service21.9 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service60 (30.9%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service60 (30.9%)
Trolleybuses (Trackless Trolleys)
FBW Tr51 - Tüscher - Oerlikon194574 years801historic vehicle
T 400/II.B195168 years93681historic vehicle
Škoda 9 Tr H 25197841 years1521historic vehicle
Škoda 9 Tr HT 28198138 years531historic vehicle
Škoda 14 Tr 01198237 years62071historic vehicle
Škoda Sanos S 200198435 years65051historic vehicle
Škoda 14 Tr 10/6199128 years6278, 6285, 6310–63114
Škoda 14 Tr 10/6199128 years8144–81452instruction vehicle
Škoda 15 Tr 13/6M199722 years66211
Škoda 15 Tr 13/6M199920 years81461instruction vehicle
Škoda 15 Tr 13/6M200118 years66321
Škoda 15 Tr 13/6M200217 years6617II1historic vehicle
Škoda 21 Tr AC200316 years64011low-floor vehicle, instruction vehicle
Škoda 25 Tr Irisbus200613 years6701–67066low-floor vehicle
Škoda 30 Tr SOR20136 years60011low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 31 Tr SOR20136 years68011low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30 Tr SOR20145 years6002–601514low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30 TrDG SOR20145 years61011low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 31 Tr SOR20145 years6802–6829, 6833–684541low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30 Tr SOR20154 years6016–603520low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 30 TrDG SOR20154 years6102–611514low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Škoda 31 Tr SOR20154 years6830–6832, 6846–687028low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Škoda 14 Tr28.06278, 6285, 6310–63114
Škoda 15 Tr20.06621, 66322
Škoda 25 Tr Irisbus13.06701–67066
Škoda 30 Tr SOR4.36001–6035, 6101–611550
Škoda 31 Tr SOR4.66801–687070
Number of vehicles143
Number of vehicles in service132 (92.3%)
Average age of vehicles in service5.8 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service127 (96.2%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service120 (90.9%)
Praga RN1949 (?)70 years51II1historic vehicle
Škoda 706 RTO MTZ196851 years236II1historic vehicle
Karosa ŠM 11 1630197940 years3350II1historic vehicle
Ikarus 280.08198732 years2881II1historic vehicle
Karosa B 732.20198831 years80021instruction vehicle
Karosa B 732 ZTP198930 years4340II1work vehicle
Karosa C 734.40198930 years80011work vehicle
Karosa B 732.40 Cabrio199029 years29991special vehicle
Ikarus 283.01199128 years15121historic vehicle
Karosa B 732 CNG199128 years17101work vehicle
Karosa B 741 CNG199128 years2634, 2637–2638, 2643, 2645, 26536
Karosa B 741.1914199227 years13061historic vehicle
Karosa B 741 CNG199227 years1633–1635, 1639, 2631, 2636, 2639, 2641, 2648, 265110
TAM 272 A 180 M199326 years14141historic vehicle
Karosa B 741 CNG199524 years1632, 1637, 2646–2647, 2649–26506
TAM 232 A 116 M199524 years37021historic vehicle
Ikarus 435.18199524 years4806II1historic vehicle
Ikarus 435.18E199722 years48271historic vehicle
Ikarus 415.30A199821 years41221historic vehicle
SOR B 9.5200118 years35141historic vehicle
MAN NG 313200316 years32051low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
MAN NG 313200415 years3201–32044low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 18/III200514 years3211–32166low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR B 9.5200514 years35291work vehicle
Mercedes-Benz O 530 GL CapaCity200514 years49211low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 15/III CNG200613 years1202–1215, 1217–122220low-floor vehicle
Iveco Daily A50C15 Way200712 years19021low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PS09D1 Citelis 12M200712 years2347–2353, 4001–401017low-floor vehicle
SOR BN 9.5200712 years3534, 3538, 3540–35469low-floor vehicle, work vehicle
SOR BN 9.5200712 years3536, 3547–35505low-floor vehicle
Tedom C12 G200811 years1101, 11032low-floor vehicle
Iveco Daily A50C15 Way200811 years19051low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PS09D1 Citelis 12M200811 years2331–234313low-floor vehicle
SOR C 10.5200811 years3301–33055
SOR BN 10.5200811 years3401, 3404–3405, 34074low-floor vehicle
SOR C 10.5 AŠ200811 years8006–80083air-conditioned vehicle, instruction vehicle
Tedom C12 G200910 years1107–1109, 2122–21235low-floor vehicle
Iveco Daily DCLI 70-50C15200910 years1907–19093low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PS09D1 Citelis 12M200910 years2344–2346, 40124low-floor vehicle
SOR BN 10.5200910 years34081low-floor vehicle, work vehicle
SOR BN 10.5200910 years3409II–3411II, 3413–3417, 3419–3420, 3426–3427, 3429–3431, 3433, 3435, 343818low-floor vehicle
Tedom C12 G EEV200910 years21151low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PS09D1 Citelis 12M TP20109 years1031–10333low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20109 years1821–1830, 1841–1845, 2841–2850, 2861–286530low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20109 years1831–1837, 1839–1840, 1846–1850, 2851–2860, 2866–2870, 4221–4225, 4227–424048low-floor vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20109 years80111low-floor vehicle, instruction vehicle
Tedom C12 G EEV20109 years2111–2113, 2116–21208low-floor vehicle
SOR BN 10.520109 years3422–34254low-floor vehicle
Mercedes-Benz O 530 GL CapaCity20109 years4901–4920, 4922–492625low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus SFR 161 Crossway LE City 12M20109 years3101–31022low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PS09D1 Citelis 12M TP20118 years1034–10363low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20118 years22011low-floor vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20127 years1851–1859, 2202–221220low-floor vehicle
Mercedes-Benz O 530 GL CapaCity20127 years4927–494115low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 12M20145 years1041–106020low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 10/III20145 years2001–20055low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20145 years4241–42422low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 12M20154 years1061–1070, 4041–405020low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 10/III20154 years2006–20105low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20154 years2213–2232, 4243–427048low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 12 City20172 years1021–1030, 2031–2033, 2037–2048, 2034–203628low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20172 years1860–1868, 2233–2251, 4271–427432low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 8,6/III20172 years1911–19155low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 10,5M20172 years2401–24055low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NS 12 Electric20172 years3001–30022low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR EBN 820172 years3901–39022low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Solaris Urbino 8,6/III20181 year19161low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 10,5M20181 year2406–242419low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NS 12 Electric20181 year3003–301614low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Citelis 12M10.91031–1036, 2331–2353, 4001–4010, 401240
Irisbus Crossway LE 12M9.03101–31022
Iveco Daily / Rošero-P City10.61902, 1905, 1907–19095
Iveco Urbanway 10,5M1.22401–242424
Iveco Urbanway 12M4.51041–1070, 4041–405040
Karosa B 74126.51632–1635, 1637, 1639, 2631, 2634, 2636–2639, 2641, 2643, 2645–2651, 265322
MAN NG 31315.23201–32055
Mercedes-Benz CapaCity8.44901–494141
Solaris Urbino 104.52001–201010
Solaris Urbino 15 CNG13.01202–1215, 1217–122220
Solaris Urbino 1814.03211–32166
Solaris Urbino 8,61.81911–19166
SOR BN 10.510.03401, 3404–3405, 3407, 3409II–3411II, 3413–3417, 3419–3420, 3422–3427, 3429–3431, 3433, 3435, 343826
SOR BN 9.512.03536, 3547–35505
SOR C 10.511.03301–33055
SOR EBN 82.03901–39022
SOR NB 12 City2.01021–1030, 2031–204828
SOR NB 18 City6.21821–1837, 1839–1868, 2201–2251, 2841–2870, 4221–4225, 4227–4274181
SOR NS 12 Electric1.13001–301616
Tedom C12 G9.61101, 1103, 1107–1109, 2111–2113, 2115–2120, 2122–212316
Number of vehicles532
Number of vehicles in service500 (94.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service7.7 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service484 (96.8%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service299 (59.8%)
Bus and Trolleybus Trailers
Agados Dona P B2 2000200613 years3591–35922instruction vehicle
Number of vehicles2
Number of vehicles in service0 (0.0%)


Number of vehicles887
Number of vehicles in service826 (93.1%)
Average age of vehicles in service10.7 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service671 (81.2%)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service479 (58.0%)