A Guide to Night Transport

Day route services at night

Last services on the majority of all-day routes depart their termini at about 23:00. There are exceptions, though – some routes even offer services shortly after midnight. On most routes, services begin to operate between 04:30 and 05:00. Exact departures can be found in the Schedules section.

Night services and their shared departures

There are 20 night routes marked with a subscript N and a route number, which they would resemble most during the day. Routes N21 N29 N31 N33 N34 N37 N53 N55 N61 N70 N74 N80 N93 N95 begin at Hlavná stanica, the main railway station, routes N44 N47 N72 begin at Hodžovo námestie, near the presidential palace. Routes N56 N91 can be changed to in the peripheral areas of the city. The two main interchange points are Hlavná stanica, the main railway station, and Hodžovo námestie stop, where transfer to other routes is possible in both directions. The common departure times of all routes from Hlavná stanica are 23:30, 00:00, 00:30, 01:30, 02:30 and 03:30. Inbound services depart their specific termini shortly after 23:50, 00:50, 01:50, 02:50 and 03:50, also in other extra times on select night routes. Routes N44 N72 depart towards Koliba and Čiližská shortly after other outbound night services, route N47 towards Valašská departs shortly after other inbound services. Exact departures can be found in the Schedules section.

Night fares

From 1st November 2015, there are no differences in the day and night fares. For travelling at night, any valid IDS BK ticket can be purchased and used.

Bus stops at night

All stops on night routes are request stops. When boarding, it is necessary to wait at the bus stop, so that the driver can see you in time. On bus stops with insufficient lighting, it may be beneficial to raise your hand to further attract driver's attention. When alighting, you must press a nearby STOP button in time to allow the driver to stop safely.

Transfers between night routes

Night services usually wait for each other at Hlavná stanica terminus, so that none of them departs earlier than the last one arrives. Maximum waiting time is 3 minutes after the scheduled departure. Routes N53 N55 N56 and N91 N93 wait for each other at their interchange points – routes N53 N56 at Zlaté piesky stop, routes N55N56 at Hečkova stop and routes N91 N93 at Jasovská stop. Route N70 guarantees a transfer at its continuous terminus at ŽST Podunajské Biskupice. There is one more route, N99, which does not offer direct transfers to other night routes – its services run in between other night services.

Night routes at a glance

  • Route N21 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Patrónka – Dúbravka – Devínska Nová Ves 
  • Route N29 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Kramáre – Mlynská dolina – Devín
  • Route N31 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Mlynská dolina – Cintorín Slávičie údolie
  • Route N33 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Račianske mýto – Nám. Ľ. Štúra – Dlhé diely
  • Route N34 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Karlova Ves – Dúbravka
  • Route N37 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Patrónka – Lamač – Záhorská Bystrica
  • Route N44 Hodžovo námestie – Karpatská – Koliba
  • Route N47 Hodžovo námestie – Hrad (Bratislava castle) – Valašská
  • Route N53 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Trnávka – Vajnory
  • Route N55 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Krasňany – Rača
  • Route N56 Hečkova – Východné – Zlaté piesky
  • Route N61 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Autobusová stanica (bus station) – Letisko (airport)
  • Route N70 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Ružinov – Podunajské Biskupice
  • Route N72 Hodžovo námestie – Autobusová stanica (bus station) – Vrakuňa – Dolné hony
  • Route N74 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Ružinov – Prievoz – Vlčie hrdlo
  • Route N80 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Most SNP – Ovsište – Kopčany
  • Route N91 Jasovská – Jarovce – Rusovce – Čunovo
  • Route N93 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Most SNP – Lúky – Jasovská
  • Route N95 Hlavná stanica (railway station) – Hodžovo námestie – Most SNP – Háje – Vozovňa Petržalka
  • Route N99 Ovsište – Jantárová cesta – Námestie hraničiarov – Jiráskova – Pajštúnska – Lúky – Vozovňa Petržalka
For a complete list of stops, please check Maps.

Travelling towards Koliba, Východné, Dolné hony and Čunovo

  • Route N44 departs Hodžovo námestie stop 15 minutes after other outbound night services. It can also be changed to at Karpatská stop from routes N33 N74. Going back from Koliba, it changes continuously to route N47 towards Valašská at Hodžovo námestie stop and can be changed to from other inbound night services
  • Route N56 operates between Zlaté piesky and Rača via Východné. From the city centre, changing from N53 to N56 at Zlaté piesky stop is only possible until 01:00. When travelling from the city centre after 01:30, use route N55 instead and change to route N56 at Hečkova stop. The same applies for the other direction – when travelling before 01:30, use routes N56 and N55 with transfer at Hečkova stop, after 02:00 use routes N56 and N53 with transfer at Zlaté piesky stop
  • Route N72 departs Hodžovo námestie stop shortly after other outbound night services. It can also be changed to between the adjacent Mlynské nivy to Autobusová stanica stops from route N33
  • Route N91 serves Jarovce, Rusovce and Čunovo and connects to the night route network at Jasovská stop, where it can be changed to from route N93 services, which depart from Hlavná stanica at 23:30, 00:30, 01:30 and 02:30 and arrive at the same platform route N91 departs from. Travelling back inbound, all services on route N91 offer a direct connection to the city centre by means of route N93


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