Request Stops

All bus and trolleybus stops of the Bratislava public transport network are request stops, which means that they will only be stopped on if one or more passengers want to get on or off at it. Such stops are always marked with Hand symbol on the stop sign and in the vehicle's information system. This only applies to buses and trolleybuses there are no request stops on the tram network. On night routes, all stops are request stops.

Getting on and off at request stops

When a boarding passenger wants the approaching vehicle to stop at the request stop they are waiting on, they have to stand at the stop so that the driver can see them in time and safely stop the vehicle. It is not required to signalise the intention to get on with hand gestures, but it is polite to let the driver know you are not boarding in case the approaching route does not stop at the passenger's destination.

When an alighting passenger wants the vehicle they are in to stop at the next stop, they have to press a nearby STOP or DOOR button in time to allow the driver to stop safely. These are usually red, yellow or green in colour. When no passenger requests stopping at the next request stop, the service may pass it and continue towards the next.

Passenger-controlled doors

All trams and trolleybuses and most buses are equipped with a passenger-controlled door system. Boarding or alighting passengers have to press a button on or right next to the door for it to open. Such buttons are always green and depict a door or a hand symbol.

In buses and trolleybuses, these buttons also act as request stop buttons. If a passenger cannot find or reach to a STOP button, they may singnalise their intent to alight by pressing the door button as well.