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A ticket inspection is carried out by responsible ticket inspectors of DPB (Bratislava Transport Company). A ticket inspector is obligated to identify themselves by a card and a badge. Ticket validators get blocked after 15 seconds from the door closing. It is compulsory for a passenger to have a valid ticket.

The fines for travelling without a valid ticket (valid from 1st May 2014) are as follows:

  • 50 € if paid on site or within next 5 working days in the Surcharge cashdesk office (Olejkárska street 1),
  • 70 € if paid later,
  • 5 € if a passenger is not able to prove the possession of a valid long-term prepaid ticket (the possession of the prepaid ticket must be proved from 48 hours to 30 days) or fare reduction card,
  • 5 € if a passanger travells without a valid ticket for baggage, bicycle or dog.

You can pay a fine by cash or by a bank card directly in a vehicle. All procedures regarding the fine payment or passenger identification must be done in a vehicle.

Furthermore, fines can be also paid at operator's Surcharge cashdesk office at Olejkárska street no. 1. You can pay either by cash or by a bank card. Opening hours of the Surcharge cashdesk office:

  • Monday, Wednesday: 10.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 18.00,
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 15.00.

27th Nov 2011, updated 8th Feb 2017


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MADIRISHMAN17.5.2015 15:10 #8 Re:
Thank you very much.
TomJ16.5.2015 23:08 #7 Re:
Reply on #6 od MADIRISHMAN:
The front page of the ticket should be facing up.
MADIRISHMAN16.5.2015 22:12 #6 Re:
Which way do the tickets go into the validator, the front of the ticket facing up or facing down? Or does it not matter? Last time I was in Bratislava the printing was on the rear of the ticket after validation. Many thanks for your help.
810zssk18.5.2014 11:40 #5 Re:
Reply on #4 od Scorned canadian:
You can try to write them at and explain your situation. Unfortunately I don't think you will be successful.
Scorned canadian18.5.2014 11:31 #4 Re:
Is there any way to contest a ticket? I got a fine today coming back from the airport to the main train station. I bought a ticket, and when I it on the bus, I put it in the machine that validates it, the light on it went off and I thought that was that, but the numbers didn't get stamped on, so when the inspectors checked my ticket they gave me a 50€ fine. I was just going from the airport to the train station, I did everything I needed to do, and thought that it was ok. I don't even know what they think my endgame WAS, reuse the ticket?? I was leaving the country immediately for Vienna! I'm a student and don't have 50€ to burn, is there anything I can do??
Božskej Kája21.7.2013 7:24 #3 Re:
Reply on #1 od fubratislova:
Where are you from? I`m asking this because Slovakia is very good country especialy Bratislava ,High Tatras and Low Tatras these are favourite destinations....and other cities too.. where are you from let me know it, I must know in what is your country better that you dont givechance to Slovakia. Please.
810zssk21.7.2013 1:37  +2#2 Re:
Reply on #1 od fubratislova:
1 hour is really enough time to buy ticket. Anyway, point of your post is apparently rant, not normal discussion so.. thanks for your opinion, we don't care, good night.
fubratislova21.7.2013 1:27 -5#1 Re:
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