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Inspection of tickets is done by ticket inspectors of DPB (Bratislava Transport Company). The ticket inspector is obliged to show his inspector's identity card and badge. In the case of ticket inspection the ticket validators are blocked after 15 seconds from the door closing.

Fines for travelling without valid ticket (valid from 1st May 2014):

  • 50 € in the case of payment of fine in the vehicle or up to 5 working days in the Surcharge office (Olejkárska street 1),
  • 70 € in the case of later payment,
  • 5 € in the case of forgotten valid long-term prepaid ticket (exhibition of prepaid ticket is possible after 48 hours and up to 30 days) or forgotten fare reduction card,
  • 5 € in the case of travelling without valid ticket for baggage, bike or dog.

In the vehicle you can pay fine by cash or by bank credit card. All procedures bounded to fine payment or passenger identification have to be done in the vehicle.

Fines can be also paid at operator's Surcharge office at Olejkárska street no. 1. You can pay by cash or by credit card. Opening hours of Surcharge office:

  • Monday, Wednesday: 10.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 18.00,
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7.00 - 12.30 and 14.00 - 15.00.

27th Nov 2011, updated 31st Oct 2015


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MADIRISHMAN17.5.2015 15:10 #8 Re:
Thank you very much.
TomJ16.5.2015 23:08 #7 Re:
Reply on #6 od MADIRISHMAN:
The front page of the ticket should be facing up.
MADIRISHMAN16.5.2015 22:12 #6 Re:
Which way do the tickets go into the validator, the front of the ticket facing up or facing down? Or does it not matter? Last time I was in Bratislava the printing was on the rear of the ticket after validation. Many thanks for your help.
810zssk18.5.2014 11:40 #5 Re:
Reply on #4 od Scorned canadian:
You can try to write them at and explain your situation. Unfortunately I don't think you will be successful.
Scorned canadian18.5.2014 11:31 #4 Re:
Is there any way to contest a ticket? I got a fine today coming back from the airport to the main train station. I bought a ticket, and when I it on the bus, I put it in the machine that validates it, the light on it went off and I thought that was that, but the numbers didn't get stamped on, so when the inspectors checked my ticket they gave me a 50€ fine. I was just going from the airport to the train station, I did everything I needed to do, and thought that it was ok. I don't even know what they think my endgame WAS, reuse the ticket?? I was leaving the country immediately for Vienna! I'm a student and don't have 50€ to burn, is there anything I can do??
Božskej Kája21.7.2013 7:24 #3 Re:
Reply on #1 od fubratislova:
Where are you from? I`m asking this because Slovakia is very good country especialy Bratislava ,High Tatras and Low Tatras these are favourite destinations....and other cities too.. where are you from let me know it, I must know in what is your country better that you dont givechance to Slovakia. Please.
810zssk21.7.2013 1:37  +2#2 Re:
Reply on #1 od fubratislova:
1 hour is really enough time to buy ticket. Anyway, point of your post is apparently rant, not normal discussion so.. thanks for your opinion, we don't care, good night.
fubratislova21.7.2013 1:27 -5#1 Re:
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