All bus and trolleybus stops will be on request (from 13 Feb 2023)

From 13 February 2023, all bus and trolleybus stops in Bratislava public transport will be on request. The transport company is introducing this change for several reasons:

  • reduction of the costs of public transport operation - financial savings on fuel with fewer stops and starts of vehicles will amount to around half a million €,
  • reduction in journey times of around 10% at off-peak times,
  • reduction of harmful emissions in the urban environment.

For passengers standing at request stops, this change will not change anything for them. All that is needed is for the passenger to wait at the bus stop so that the driver of the arriving vehicle can see him or her. The incoming vehicle will stop at the bus stop even if another vehicle is already at the bus stop.

Before leaving the vehicle, passengers in vehicles must always signal their intention to leave the vehicle well in advance of the stop by pressing the STOP button or the door release button so that the driver can stop the vehicle safely.


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