Restoring service on Mlynské Nivy St. and Radlinského St. (from 16.11.2020)

Starting on Monday16th November 2020, the previously suspended public transport service in the bus station area on and near Mlynské Nivy St. and near Blumentál on Radlinského St. will be restored to its previous state. From this date, multiple changes are to be expected on several routes.

Changes on and near Mlynské Nivy St.

In the area of the new central bus station, the service of buses (and partially trolleybuses) will be renewed after a thorough reconstruction, including a new bus terminus under the nearby VÚB building. Due to unfinished works on the overhead power network for trolleybuses, routes 208 212 N72 will remain diverted until mid December.

  • Routes 21 25 88 will begin directly in front of the bus station building (Autobusová stanica stop, platforms and D), the temporary platforms on Páričkova St. will become disused
  • Routes 50 70 202 N61 will operate via Mlynské Nivy St., serving a new stop next to the bus station building (Autobusová stanica stop, platforms and B), the temporary diversions will be cancelled
  • Route 205 will operate via Svätoplukova St. and Mlynské Nivy St., serving Svätoplukova and Autobusová stanica stops, yet it will not serve Ulica 29. augusta stop westbound
  • Route 210 will serve Autobusová stanica stop directly in front of the bus station building in both directions:
    • Platform C shared with route 88 when going towards Nové SND terminus
    • Platform D shared with routes 21 25 when going towards Hlavná stanica terminus
  • Route X72 will be cancelled and completely replaced by route 202

Changes on Radlinského St., near Blumentál

Tram service via Blumentál stop will be restored, track reconstruction at Americké námestie continues.

  • Route 3 will operate as in its current state, it will return to Radlinského St. and Blumentál stop after the reconstruction at Americké námestie is finished
  • Route 7 will reclaim its previous state, serving Blumentál stop in both directions
  • Route 9 will operate via Vazovova St.Radlinského St. and Obchodná St. in both directions, serving Vazovova (change for route 3), BlumentálSTUVysoká, Tchibo Outlet and Poštová, Martinus stops
  • Routes 31 39 94 N55 will operate as before, all serving the new integrated Blumentál stop


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