Diversion of routes 212 N74 in Prievoz (31.10. - 1.11.2020)

Trolleybuses and night buses will divert via Gagarinova St.

From Saturday31th October, 04:00 am until Sunday1st November, 23:45 pm, routes 212 N74 will have to be diverted from Mierová St. to Gagarinova St. as follows:

  • Route 212:
    • Will not serve MiÚ Ružinov, Mierová, Radničné nám.Strojnícka and Hrachová stops outbound and Prievoz-mostHrachováStrojníckaRadničné nám.Mierová and MiÚ Ružinov stops inbound
    • Instead, it will serve Hraničná (on Gagarinova St.), Gagarinova, BrodnáOndrejovova and Ríbezľová stops in both directions, similarly to routes 201 202
    • At Cintorín Vrakuňa terminus, the boarding platform inbound will not be served in its standard position, but on Gagarinova St. instead, similarly to routes 201 202
  • Route N74:
    • At the Saturday-Sunday night, it will not serve MiÚ Ružinov and Mierová stops in both directions
    • Instead, it will serve Hraničná stop (on Gagarinova St.) in both directions, similarly to routes 201 202 and Gagarinova stop outbound


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