Restoring the tram service to Karlova Ves and Dúbravka and other related changes (from 26.10.2020)

Apart from renewing the service of tram routes, more changes are to be expected.

Starting on Monday26th October 2020, 13:00 pm, the service of tram routes 4 9 in Karlova Ves and Dúbravka, west of Chatam Sófer, will be restored after track modernisation. Alongside these changes, replacement bus routes X5 X33 will be cancelled and the trolleybus track to Dlhé Diely will reopen again, putting route 33 back in service as well.

A newly built transfer terminals Riviéra (former Molecova stop) and Záluhy (former Damborského stop) will be put into operation. Additionally, all tram routes will operate more frequently in the morning peak.

Detailed overview of all changes

  • Tram route 4 will operate between Dúbravka, Pri kríži and Zlaté piesky ŽST Nové Mesto:
    • Every 4 mins in the morning peak
    • Every 5 mins throughout the rest of the day
  • Tram route 9 will operate between Karlova Ves, Kútiky and Ružinov, Astronomická:
    • Every 4 mins in the morning peak
    • Every 5 mins throughout the rest of the day
  • Trolleybus route 33 will operate between Karlova Ves, Riviéra and Dlhé Diely, Kuklovská
  • Bus route 133 will not be restored
    • As a replacement, route 33 will operate every 4 mins in the morning peak, allowing for transfers onto tram route 4 towards Šafárikovo námestie
    • Additionally, route 4 will be served only by highest capacity trams available on workdays
  • Routes 20 83 84 N34 will serve the new transfer terminal Záluhy in both directions, all calling at the same platform with trams of route 4
  • Routes 32 33 139 N33 N34 will serve the new transfer terminal Riviéra in both directions, stopping in new positions, closer to the tram platforms
  • Routes 29 30 31 37 39 N31 N33 N34 will serve the westbound Chatam Sófer stop in its original position near the memorial

Advantages of the upcoming changes

In the morning rush hour, the combination of routes 4 and 9 will operate every 2 mins, while boosting capacity by not being served by lower capacity 21-metre trams. In the off-peak hours and on weekends, service between Karlova Ves and the Danube embankment (Most SNP brigde) will be up to twice as frequent as before the reconstruction. In addition, the travel time between these two locations will be two minutes faster.

Dúbravka will, apart from a more frequent connection to the city centre, also benefit from a more regular service interval compared to the previous state of the tracks. Morning peak intervals will be as low as 4 mins, whereas before the modernisation, the intervals would sometimes stretch up to 6 mins. Route 5 will be permanently replaced by route 4 operating twice as often and offers a direct connection to an important interchange point Trnavské mýto or a single-transfer connection to Rača by changing for route 3 at Mariánska stop.

A connection of Kapucínska St. and Dúbravka is possible by means of routes 83 84 from Zochova stop on Staromestská St. (about 2 min. walk from Kapucínska St.).


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