Accessible public transport

On a printed time schedule placed at the stop, the disabled-friendly departures are depicted by a specific symbol next to the time of departure. If all vehicles operated on a certain line are disabled-friendly, the symbol is printed next to the line number in a heading of a time schedule. On this site, in Schedules section, all departures with guaranteed low-floor vehicles are indicated by the red colour. Although the public passenger transport fleet consists mostly of low-floor vehicles, please note, there is still a chance the unsuitable vehicles could be dispatched, mostly as a replacement of a departure cancelled due to vehicle failure. You can check on the equipment of the vehicle serving your departure on the virtual departure panel displayed after you type in the name of your stop into the text box on the top of this page.

The low-floor vehicles provide an enhanced access for the passengers with limited movement abilities, such as people using wheelchairs, led by assistance dogs, carrying luggage, a stroller, a bicycle or other equipment. To enter a vehicle a wheelchair user must press the button with wheelchair symbol that is located next to the second or the third door to request an access ramp. Subsequently, the bus driver set up the ramp between a doorstep and a curb. Passenger with a wheelchair must place themselves on the wheelchair spot (usually marked on the floor or indicated by a symbol sticker) with their back leaning on the backrest and assured the wheelchair is prevented from moving. The same process applies if the passenger on a wheelchair is intended to get off. The intention must be signalled by a button located in a vicinity of a dedicated area, long enough prior to arriving to the stop.







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