Accessible public transport

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Wheelchair-accessible services are shown in printed schedules with access symbol next to the relevant service or next to the route number if the route is fully wheelchair-accessible. In our website Schedules relevant services are indicated by red colour. Some of the bus and trolleybus routes are fully wheelchair-accessible while other are partly wheelchair-accessible. Unfortunatelly, there are still few bus and trolleybus routes without wheelchair-accessible services. Schedules of tram routes are without wheelchair-accessible services at the moment, because the first low-floor trams will be in service since June 2015.

Low-floor buses, trolleybuses and trams enable people using wheelchairs, people with baby buggies, people with assistance dogs and people with other mobility impairments to get on and off easily. To get on the vehicle the wheelchair user should press the button with wheelchair symbol on it located near second or third door to request an access ramp. The bus driver then places an access ramp between the second (or third) door of the vehicle and the kerb. Once on board, wheelchair user should position himself in the wheelchair space with back against the backrest and break the wheelchair. Before getting of the vehicle press the wheelchair button again and wait until driver will place the access ramp.



1st May 2015


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