Night transport

Operation of day-lines in night

The most of day-lines leaves first stop about 23.00. Only few lines operate until midnight. First morning lines start operation about 4.30 and the most of lines start about 5.00. For detailed information about first and last connection see Schedules.

Night lines

In Bratislava there are 20 night "N" lines. Routes N21 N29 N33 N34 N37 N53 N55 N61 N70 N74 N80 N93 and N95 start from Hlavná stanica (Main Railway Station), routes N44 N47 and N72 from Hodžovho námestie. Routes N56 and N91 operate within marginal quarters of the city. Hlavná stanica and Hodžovo námestie (in downtown) are main transfer points. Common departures from Hlavná stanica are 23.30, 0.00, 0.30, 1.30, 2.30 and 3.30. Exact departures can be found in Schedules. All stops of night lines are request stops so you have to nod if you want to get on the vehicle or press button Stop if you get off.


All sort of tickets can be used on night lines.

Note: For detailed information see Journey Planner, Schedules and Maps.


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