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Current fleet

Ikarus 280.08/A199030 years40821historic vehicle
Karosa B 832.1654199822 years6267II1
Solaris Urbino 15/I200020 years3502–35032low-floor vehicle
Solaris Urbino 15/II200119 years3507, 35102low-floor vehicle
Solaris Urbino 15/II200218 years3511, 3513–35198low-floor vehicle
Solaris Urbino 15/II200317 years3521–35255low-floor vehicle
Solaris Urbino 15/II200416 years3527–3528, 3530–3532, 35346low-floor vehicle
Solaris Urbino 12/II200416 years51021low-floor vehicle
Karosa B 952E.1718200416 years52441instruction vehicle
Tedom C12 G200713 years5611, 5617–56194low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PU09D2 Citelis 18M CNG200911 years3301–331010low-floor vehicle
Irisbus PU09D2 Citelis 18M CNG201010 years3311–3320, 3322–332918low-floor vehicle
Iveco First FCLLI201010 years59011low-floor vehicle
Iveco First FCLLI20119 years59021low-floor vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20137 years4701–475656low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 12 City20137 years5701–5736, 5738–576160low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR NB 12 City20137 years57371low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle, instruction vehicle
SOR BN 9.520137 years6701–67055low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
SOR EBN 10.520146 years6801–68055low-floor vehicle
SOR EBN 1120164 years6901–69099low-floor vehicle
SOR EBN 1120173 years6910–69189low-floor vehicle
SOR NB 18 City20182 years4757–47659low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Citelis 18M10.43301–3320, 3322–332928
Iveco First FCLLI9.55901–59022
Karosa B 73222.06267II1
Solaris Urbino 1216.051021
Solaris Urbino 1517.53502–3503, 3507, 3510–3511, 3513–3519, 3521–3525, 3527–3528, 3530–3532, 353423
SOR BN 9.57.06701–67055
SOR EBN 10.56.06801–68055
SOR EBN 113.56901–691818
SOR NB 12 City7.05701–5736, 5738–576160
SOR NB 18 City6.34701–476565
Tedom C1213.05611, 5617–56194
Number of vehicles215
Number of vehicles in service212 (98.6%)
Average age of vehicles in service8.3 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service212 (100.0%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service131 (61.8%)
Škoda 15 Tr 10/7199327 years10011
Škoda 15 Tr 11/7199525 years10001
Škoda 14 Tr 17/7M199921 years20031
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Škoda 14 TrM21.020031
Škoda 15 Tr26.01000–10012
Number of vehicles3
Number of vehicles in service3 (100.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service24.3 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Ringhoffer1908112 years211historic vehicle
Magyar Waggon és Gépgyár1913107 years1II, 12historic vehicle
Magyar Waggon és Gépgyár1913107 years21work vehicle
Magyar Waggon és Gépgyár1913107 years31work vehicle, historic vehicle
Ringhoffer1920100 years10, 103–1043historic vehicle
T2196060 years212II1historic vehicle
T3/V.SU197050 years1001instruction vehicle
T3/V.SU197941 years1121work vehicle
T3/VI.SU198238 years3361historic vehicle
T3 Mod198337 years3591
T3/VI.SUCS198634 years381, 3832
KT8D5198634 years500–5012
KT8D5198931 years5081
KT8D5R.N2198931 years5091low-floor vehicle
KT8D5R.N2199030 years512, 517, 521, 528, 530–531, 5347low-floor vehicle
KT8D5199030 years513, 523, 525, 529, 5355
KT8D5199129 years536–5383
T6A5199129 years600–6056
T6A5199228 years606–617, 619–62923
Pragoimex VarioLFR.S20119 years7011low-floor vehicle
TWT / Pragoimex VarioLF2+20146 years801–81010low-floor vehicle
TWT / Pragoimex VarioLF2+20155 years811–83323low-floor vehicle
TWT / Pragoimex VarioLF2+20173 years834–84613low-floor vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
ČKD Tatra KT830.4500–501, 508–509, 512–513, 517, 521, 523, 525, 528–531, 534–53819
ČKD Tatra T335.0359, 381, 3833
ČKD Tatra T628.2600–617, 619–62929
Pragoimex VarioLF9.07011
TWT / Pragoimex VarioLF2+4.7801–84646
Number of vehicles110
Number of vehicles in service98 (89.1%)
Average age of vehicles in service17.6 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service55 (56.1%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Horse Tramway
1990's30 years11special vehicle, historic vehicle
Number of vehicles1
Number of vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Children's railway
Hagans Klb-L Cn2t1884136 yearsU 36.0031historic vehicle
D/u1886134 yearsD/u 8411historic vehicle
Ca/u1904116 yearsCa/u 6101historic vehicle
Ca/u1910110 yearsCa/u 6211historic vehicle
D/u1912108 yearsD/u 8401historic vehicle
ABCa/u1913107 yearsABCa/u 6001historic vehicle
Ca/u1913107 yearsCa/u 601, Ca/u 6202historic vehicle
Krutwig ČKD 900 BS 200195763 yearsU 29.1011historic vehicle
ČKD T 211.1195862 years701.645-41historic vehicle
ČKD T 211.1195961 years701.952-41historic vehicle
ČKD T 211.1196060 years701.953-21historic vehicle
Number of vehicles12
Number of vehicles in service0 (0.0%)


Number of vehicles341
Number of vehicles in service313 (91.8%)
Average age of vehicles in service11.4 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service267 (85.3%)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service131 (41.9%)