Single Door Boarding

On select stops and routes, it is compulsory to board via the front door and show a valid ticket to the driver. This applies to routes. This applies to the entire length of day routes 11 21 24 33 and night routes N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7, as well as the specific bus stops as follows:

  • Dopravný podnik mesta Košice (routes 10 17 20L 32 34 54 N3 N4)
  • Džungľa (routes 22 RA6)
  • Kolibár (routes 32 RA2)
  • Kremnická (routes 34 54 RA3 RA4)
  • Kvetná (routes 26 26P 52 56 N3)
  • Luník VIII (routes 10 17 32 34 54 N4)
  • Luník IX, rázcestie (routes 11 32 34 RA2 RA3 RA4)
  • Luník IX, sídlisko (route 11)
  • Nemocnica Šaca (routes 26 26P 52 56 N3)
  • Piťová (routes 22 RA6)
  • Spoločenský pavilón (routes 10 20L 32 34 54 N3 N4)
  • Stodolova (routes 10 17 32 34 54 N4)
  • Šaca, námestie (routes 26 26P 52 56 N3)
  • Učňovská (routes 26 26P 52 56 N3)
  • Vyšný dvor (route 28)
  • Želiarska (routes 25 RA5 RA8)

Boarding and alighting

The driver will first open the front door only to let the boarding passengers in and check the validity of their tickets. Only after that can they open the other doors to let the alighting passengers out.

The bus or tram driver can do this on any route and at any stop, if they suspect one or more of the waiting passengers of not having a valid ticket. Opposingly – in case of severe delays or too many passengers on board – they might as well let the alighting passengers out at the same time they open the front door.


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