Inspection of tickets

During the inspection of the travel tickets, Travel ticket inspectors of DPMK (Košice Transport Company) will, after the door will be closed, block all designators in vehicle and sound information system of vehicle will play: "Prepravná kontrola. Prosím, pripravte si cestovné lístky." (The Ticket inspection. Please, prepare your travel ticket.) The ticket inspector is obliged to show his badge or the inspector's identity card. If inspector find out that passenger did not mark or did not mark the travel ticket properly in the designator, inspector will give to that passenger the fine and the document with details, where is information for passenger about how to proceed, but only in the Slovak language. In the vehicle you can pay the fine only by cash.


  • 60,00 € in the case of payment of fine in the surcharge office (Rooseveltova street 6) after 96 hours,
  • 50,00 € in the case of payment of fine in the surcharge office (Rooseveltova street 6) up to 96 hours,
  • 40,00 € in the case of payment of fine in the vehicle,
  • 1,00 € in the case of forgotten travelcard (exhibition of prepaid ticket is possible after 24 hours and up to 96 hours),
  • 5,00 € in the case of travelling without valid ticket for bicycle or luggage.


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