Current fleet


Type Manufactured Age # Quantity Notes
SOR NBG 12 City20146 yearsNR-443JT1
SOR BN 9,520137 yearsNR-126GZ, NR-146GZ, NR-326GZ, NR-331GZ, NR-333GZ, NR-336GZ6 ❄️
SOR NB 12 City20137 yearsNR-131GZ, NR-981GZ, NR-984GZ3 ❄️
SOR NB 12 City20128 yearsNR-721GK, NR-738GK, NR-755GK3 ❄️
SOR BN 9,520128 yearsNR-751GK, NR-768GK, NR-777GK, NR-778GK, NR-780GK, NR-788GK6 ❄️
SOR NB 12 City20119 yearsNR-283GA, NR-284GA, NR-285GA, NR-543GA, NR-544GA5 ❄️
Solaris Urbino 12/III20119 yearsNR-895FZ, NR-896FZ2 ❄️
SOR BN 12201010 yearsNR-696GH, NR-984FV2
SOR NB 18 CITY200911 yearsNR-204EX, NR-205EX, NR-206EX, NR-207EX, NR-208EX, NR-210EX, NR-211EX, NR-213EX, NR-214EX9
Irisbus SFR 161 Crossway LE City 12,8M200911 yearsNR-603FV1 ❄️
SOR NB 12 City200911 yearsNR-662FV1
SOR BN 12200812 yearsNR-094FY, NR-515IJ, NR-582EJ, NR-583EJ4
SOR NB 12 City200812 yearsNR-118FX1
SOR BN 12200713 yearsNR-591EG, NR-963JO, NR-076DT, NR-078DT, NR-079DT5
SOR CN 12200713 yearsNR-592EG1
SOR BN 12200614 yearsNR-069DT, NR-071DT, NR-072DT, NR-073DT, NR-074DT, NR-057DT6
Karosa B 952E.1716200515 yearsNR-416DG, NR-035EM2
Karosa B 952E.1716200416 yearsNR-045ES, NR-120GG2
SOR BN 12 Ekobus City Plus200416 yearsNR-183CX, NR-184CX, NR-185CX, NR-186CX4
Scania OmniLink CL94UB4X2200317 yearsNR-088GK, NR-279GJ2 ❄️
Mercedes - Benz Conecto C200317 yearsNR-607CF, NR-608CF, NR-609CF3
Van Hool AG 300200218 yearsNR-142EZ, NR-143EZ, NR-144EZ, NR-147EZ, NR-148EZ, NR-149EZ, NR-331EZ, NR-332EZ, NR-541EZ, NR-542EZ, NR-543EZ, NR-544EZ12 ❄️
Mercedes - Benz O 530 Citaro200218 yearsNR-220BY1 ❄️
Mercedes - Benz O 345200119 yearsNR-551CA1
Van Hool AG 300200119 yearsNR-555HJ1
Karosa C 954.1360200119 yearsNR-703BO1
Mercedes-Benz O 345 G200020 yearsNR-166CE1
Karosa B 732.1654199624 yearsNR-519BM1
Ikarus 280.08198733 yearsNR-441BE1💙

Summary for vehicles in service

Type Average age [years] # Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Crossway 12,8M11,0NR-603FV1
Karosa B 731 & Karosa B 73224,0NR-519BM1
Karosa B 95215,5NR-035EM, NR-045ES, NR-120GG, NR-416DG4
Karosa C 95419,0NR-703BO1
Mercedes - Benz O 345 / Conecto17,5NR-551CA, NR-607CF, NR-608CF, NR-609CF4
Mercedes - Benz O 345 G20,0NR-166CE1
Mercedes - Benz O 530 Citaro18,0NR-220BY1
Scania OmniLink17,0NR-088GK, NR-279GJ2
Solaris Urbino 129,0NR-895FZ, NR-896FZ2
SOR BN 1213,4NR-057DT, NR-069DT, NR-071DT, NR-072DT, NR-073DT, NR-074DT, NR-076DT, NR-078DT, NR-079DT, NR-094FY, NR-183CX, NR-184CX, NR-185CX, NR-186CX, NR-515IJ, NR-582EJ, NR-583EJ, NR-591EG, NR-696GH, NR-963JO, NR-984FV21
SOR BN 9,57,5NR-126GZ, NR-146GZ, NR-326GZ, NR-331GZ, NR-333GZ, NR-336GZ, NR-751GK, NR-768GK, NR-777GK, NR-778GK, NR-780GK, NR-788GK12
SOR CN 1213,0NR-592EG1
SOR NB 12 City8,5NR-118FX, NR-131GZ, NR-283GA, NR-284GA, NR-285GA, NR-443JT, NR-543GA, NR-544GA, NR-662FV, NR-721GK, NR-738GK, NR-755GK, NR-981GZ, NR-984GZ14
SOR NB 18 City11,0NR-204EX, NR-205EX, NR-206EX, NR-207EX, NR-208EX, NR-210EX, NR-211EX, NR-213EX, NR-214EX9
Van Hool AG 30018,1NR-142EZ, NR-143EZ, NR-144EZ, NR-147EZ, NR-148EZ, NR-149EZ, NR-331EZ, NR-332EZ, NR-541EZ, NR-542EZ, NR-543EZ, NR-544EZ, NR-555HJ13


Number of vehicles88
Number of vehicles in service87 (98,9 %)
Average age of vehicles in service12,8 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service76 (87,4 %)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service41 (47,1 %)


Number of vehicles 88
Number of vehicles in service 87 (98,9 %)
Average age of vehicles in service 12,8 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service 76 (87,4 %)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service 41 (47,1 %)


 low-floor vehicle
❄️ air-conditioned vehicle
💙 historic vehicle