Current fleet

Buses (Piešťany)

Type Manufactured Age # Quantity Notes
SOR BN 9.520147 yearsTT-947FP1
SOR BN 12200912 yearsTT-925DR, TT-926DR, TT-927DR3
SOR BN 12200813 yearsTT-045DO, TT-047DO, TT-511DN3
SOR BN 12200615 yearsTT-088CR1

Summary for vehicles in service

Type Average age [years] # Number of vehicles in service
SOR BN 1212,9TT-045DO, TT-047DO, TT-088CR, TT-511DN, TT-925DR, TT-926DR, TT-927DR7
SOR BN 9.57,0TT-947FP1


Number of vehicles8
Number of vehicles in service8 (100,0 %)
Average age of vehicles in service12,1 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service8 (100,0 %)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0,0 %)

Other buses

Type Manufactured Age # Quantity Notes
Iveco Crossway LE 10.8 Line20192 yearsTT-471IE1 ❄️
SOR C 10,520183 yearsTT-116HF1❄️
Iveco Crossway 12 Line20183 yearsTT-235HG1❄️
Iveco Crossway 12 Line20174 yearsTT-930GU1❄️
SOR C 10,520165 yearsTT-067GK, TT-322GK, TT-639GX, TT-778GK, TT-789GK, TT-797GK6❄️
SOR C 10,520165 yearsTT-801GX1
Iveco Crossway 12 PRO20156 yearsTT-312GE1❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 1220129 yearsTT-451GA1❄️
SOR C 10.5201110 yearsTT-083EP, TT-103EP, TT-457EP, TT-568EO, TT-574EO5❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12201110 yearsTT-425ER, TT-530ER, TT-608ER3❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12201011 yearsTT-015EJ1❄️
SOR C 10.5201011 yearsTT-206EB, TT-207EB, TT-208EB, TT-209EB, TT-657EH, TT-658EH6❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12200912 yearsTT-051DZ, TT-052DZ, TT-790GP3❄️
Iveco Arway 12,8200912 yearsTT-514HN1❄️
SOR C 10.5200912 yearsTT-928DR, TT-931DR, TT-934DR, TT-948DR4❄️
SOR C 10.5200813 yearsTT-390DN, TT-195DI, TT-386DN, TT-387DN, TT-391DN5❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR150 12200813 yearsNR-087JL1❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12.8200813 yearsTT-271DN1❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12200813 yearsTT-488GP1
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12200813 yearsTT-611DN1❄️
Iveco Crossway SFR150 12.8200714 yearsTT-685DF, TT-681DA, TT-684DA3
SOR C 10.5200714 yearsTT-522DA, TT-854DA, TT-722CZ, TT-907CZ4
Iveco Crossway SFR160 12200714 yearsNR-123JI, NR-714JI2❄️
SOR C 10.5200615 yearsTT-708CT1
Karosa C 954E.1360200615 yearsTT-437IJ1

Summary for vehicles in service

Type Average age [years] # Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Arway 12.8M12,0TT-514HN1
Irisbus Crossway 12.8M13,8TT-271DN, TT-681DA, TT-684DA, TT-685DF4
Irisbus Crossway 12M10,4NR-087JL, NR-123JI, NR-714JI, TT-015EJ, TT-051DZ, TT-052DZ, TT-235HG, TT-312GE, TT-425ER, TT-451GA, TT-488GP, TT-530ER, TT-608ER, TT-611DN, TT-790GP, TT-930GU16
Iveco Crossway LE 10.8M2,0TT-471IE1
Karosa C 95415,0TT-437IJ1
SOR C 10.510,2TT-067GK, TT-083EP, TT-103EP, TT-116HF, TT-195DI, TT-206EB, TT-207EB, TT-208EB, TT-209EB, TT-322GK, TT-386DN, TT-387DN, TT-390DN, TT-391DN, TT-457EP, TT-522DA, TT-568EO, TT-574EO, TT-639GX, TT-657EH, TT-658EH, TT-708CT, TT-722CZ, TT-778GK, TT-789GK, TT-797GK, TT-801GX, TT-854DA, TT-907CZ, TT-928DR, TT-931DR, TT-934DR, TT-948DR33


Number of vehicles56
Number of vehicles in service56 (100,0 %)
Average age of vehicles in service10,5 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service1 (1,8 %)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service45 (80,4 %)


Number of vehicles 64
Number of vehicles in service 64 (100,0 %)
Average age of vehicles in service 10,7 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service 9 (14,1 %)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service 45 (70,3 %)


 low-floor vehicle
❄️ air-conditioned vehicle