Current fleet


Type Manufactured Age # Quantity Notes
Iveco Crossway LE 10.8 Line20192 yearsTT-755IE1 ❄️
SOR C 10.520183 yearsTT-180HF1❄️
SOR C 10.520165 yearsTT-182GK1❄️
Iveco Crossway Line 1220156 yearsTT-156GE1❄️
SOR BN 9,520147 yearsTT-878FS1
Iveco Crossway 12 SFR16020129 yearsTT-087FG, TT-118FG2❄️
SOR LC 10.520129 yearsTT-621EZ1❄️
SOR C 10.5201110 yearsTT-080EP, TT-710EP2❄️
Iveco Crossway 12 SFR160201110 yearsTT-521ER1❄️
SOR C 10.5201011 yearsTT-205EB, TT-659EH, TT-752EH3❄️
SOR BN 10.5201011 yearsTT-948EE1
Iveco Crossway 12 SFR160200912 yearsTT-581EC, NR-640JH, TT-782GP3❄️
SOR C 10.5200912 yearsTT-951DR, TT-932DR2❄️
Iveco Crossway 12.8 SFR160200813 yearsTT-239DN, TT-241DN2❄️
SOR C 10.5200813 yearsTT-194DI, TT-197DI, TT-389DN3❄️
SOR BN 12200813 yearsTT-813DK, TT-814DK2
Iveco Crossway 12.8 SFR150200714 yearsTT-685DD, TT-689DF2
SOR C 10.5200714 yearsTT-857DA, TT-721CZ, TT-906CZ3
Iveco Crossway 12 SFR160200714 yearsNR-157JI1❄️
SOR C 10.5200615 yearsTT-419CU, TT-607CT, TT-951CP3
Karosa C 956.1076 Axer 12.8M200615 yearsTT-337FY1
Karosa C 954.1360E200417 yearsTT-403BX, TT-724BU2

Summary for vehicles in service

Type Average age [years] # Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Crossway 12.8M13,5TT-239DN, TT-241DN, TT-685DD, TT-689DF4
Irisbus Crossway 12M10,5NR-157JI, NR-640JH, TT-087FG, TT-118FG, TT-156GE, TT-521ER, TT-581EC, TT-782GP8
Iveco Crossway LE 10.8M2,0TT-755IE1
Karosa C 95417,0TT-403BX, TT-724BU2
Karosa C 956 (Axer) 12.8M15,0TT-337FY1
SOR BN 10.511,0TT-948EE1
SOR BN 1213,0TT-813DK, TT-814DK2
SOR BN 9.57,0TT-878FS1
SOR C 10.511,7TT-080EP, TT-180HF, TT-182GK, TT-194DI, TT-197DI, TT-205EB, TT-389DN, TT-419CU, TT-607CT, TT-659EH, TT-710EP, TT-721CZ, TT-752EH, TT-857DA, TT-906CZ, TT-932DR, TT-951CP, TT-951DR18
SOR LC 10.59,0TT-621EZ1


Number of vehicles39
Number of vehicles in service39 (100,0 %)
Average age of vehicles in service11,6 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service5 (12,8 %)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service24 (61,5 %)


Number of vehicles 39
Number of vehicles in service 39 (100,0 %)
Average age of vehicles in service 11,6 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service 5 (12,8 %)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service 24 (61,5 %)


 low-floor vehicle
❄️ air-conditioned vehicle