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Current fleet

Škoda 14 Tr 08/7198832 years10011instruction vehicle
Škoda 15 Tr 02/7198832 years15011
Škoda 14 Tr 12/7198931 years10071
Škoda 15 Tr 07/7199030 years1512, 15182
Škoda 15 Tr 10/7M199723 years15281
Škoda 15 Tr 10/7M199921 years15291
Škoda 30 Tr SOR201010 years30011low-floor vehicle
Škoda 30 Tr SOR20119 years3002–301918low-floor vehicle
Škoda 30 Tr SOR20155 years30201low-floor vehicle
Škoda 31 Tr SOR20155 years3101–31033low-floor vehicle
SOR TNB 1220173 years3201–32022low-floor vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Škoda 14 Tr31.010071
Škoda 15 Tr27.21501, 1512, 1518, 1528–15295
Škoda 30 Tr SOR8.83001–302020
Škoda 31 Tr SOR5.03101–31033
SOR TNB 123.03201–32022
Number of vehicles32
Number of vehicles in service31 (96.9%)
Average age of vehicles in service11.8 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service25 (80.6%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Bus trailers
Number of vehicles1
Number of vehicles in service1 (100.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service3.0 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Buses & Coaches SAD ZV
Iveco Daily A50C Touring200713 yearsZV-268CH1
Irisbus Crossway 12M200911 yearsZV-321BY, ZV-322BY, ZV-327BY3air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Crossway LE 12M200911 yearsZV-841BZ, ZV-844BZ2low-floor vehicle
Irisbus Crossway 12M201010 yearsZV-496CE1air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Crossway 10.6M201010 yearsZV-963CD1
Irisbus Crossway 10.6M201010 yearsZV-577CE1air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 12M CNG20119 yearsZV-117CJ, ZV-119CJ, ZV-124CJ, ZV-131CJ, ZV-987CI, ZV-994CI6low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Arway20119 yearsZV-311CI1air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Crossway 10.6M20119 yearsZV-781CG, ZV-040CI, ZV-196CI, ZV-238CI, ZV-997CH5air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 12M CNG20128 yearsZV-055CN, ZV-441CM, ZV-862CM3low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Arway20128 yearsZV-868CM1air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 10,820146 yearsZV-717CY, ZV-808CY2air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 10,820155 yearsZV-123DC, ZV-224DD, ZV-268DD, ZV-360DD, ZV-705DD5air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 1220155 yearsZV-432DD1air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 10,820164 yearsZV-047DF, ZV-301DF, ZV-386DF, ZV-396DF, ZV-874DD5air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 1220173 yearsZV-044DL, ZV-046DL, ZV-050DL, ZV-057DL, ZV-058DL, ZV-059DL6air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LE LINE 12 NP20182 yearsZV-007DS, ZV-290DS, ZV-746DS, ZV-755DS, ZV-830DS5low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 10,820182 yearsZV-076DS, ZV-153DR, ZV-544DP3air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LINE 10,820191 yearZV-003DX1air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Crossway LE LINE 12 NP20191 yearZV-745DV, ZV-747DV, ZV-754DV, ZV-774DV, ZV-789DV, ZV-790DV, ZV-792DV7low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Arway8.5ZV-311CI, ZV-868CM2
Irisbus Citelis CNG (PAL)8.7ZV-055CN, ZV-117CJ, ZV-119CJ, ZV-124CJ, ZV-131CJ, ZV-441CM, ZV-862CM, ZV-987CI, ZV-994CI9
Irisbus Crossway 10.6M9.3ZV-040CI, ZV-196CI, ZV-238CI, ZV-577CE, ZV-781CG, ZV-963CD, ZV-997CH7
Irisbus Crossway 12M10.8ZV-321BY, ZV-322BY, ZV-327BY, ZV-496CE4
Irisbus Crossway LE 12M11.0ZV-841BZ, ZV-844BZ2
Iveco Crossway 10,84.0ZV-003DX, ZV-047DF, ZV-076DS, ZV-123DC, ZV-153DR, ZV-224DD, ZV-268DD, ZV-301DF, ZV-360DD, ZV-386DF, ZV-396DF, ZV-544DP, ZV-705DD, ZV-717CY, ZV-808CY, ZV-874DD16
Iveco Crossway 123.3ZV-044DL, ZV-046DL, ZV-050DL, ZV-057DL, ZV-058DL, ZV-059DL, ZV-432DD7
Iveco Crossway LE 121.4ZV-007DS, ZV-290DS, ZV-745DV, ZV-746DS, ZV-747DV, ZV-754DV, ZV-755DS, ZV-774DV, ZV-789DV, ZV-790DV, ZV-792DV, ZV-830DS12
Iveco Daily13.0ZV-268CH1
Number of vehicles60
Number of vehicles in service60 (100.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service5.7 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service23 (38.3%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service56 (93.3%)
Tatra T 815198832 yearsBB-225AG1work vehicle
LIAZ 110.010198931 yearsBB-288AG1work vehicle
Avia A31199030 yearsBB-037BT1work vehicle
Renault Midlum200416 yearsBB-351BM1work vehicle
Number of vehicles4
Number of vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Karosa B 932E.1694199921 yearsBB-516DK1
Karosa B 932E.1694200119 yearsBB-245AY1
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Karosa B 931 & Karosa B 93220.0BB-245AY, BB-516DK2
Number of vehicles2
Number of vehicles in service2 (100.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service20.0 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service0 (0.0%)
SAD ZV Buses
Karosa Citybus 12M200119 yearsZV-429CD1low-floor vehicle
Karosa B 952.1712200317 yearsZV-709CD1
Karosa B 952E.1716200416 yearsZV-349CE, ZV-356CE2
Karosa B 952E.1716200515 yearsZV-160BH, ZV-164BH, ZV-165BH, ZV-166BH, ZV-168BH, ZV-172BH, ZV-173BH7
Karosa B 952E.1718200515 yearsZV-169BH1
Karosa B 961E.1970200614 yearsZV-308BI, ZV-309BI, ZV-314BI, ZV-315BI, ZV-317BI, ZV-318BI, ZV-352BI, ZV-354BI, ZV-355BI, ZV-356BI, ZV-669CE11
Karosa B 952E.1716200614 yearsZV-357BI, ZV-358BI, ZV-359BI, ZV-361BI, ZV-362BI, ZV-364BI, ZV-365BI, ZV-366BI, ZV-367BI9
Irisbus Citelis PS09D5 12M CNG200911 yearsZV-159CA, ZV-163CA, ZV-169CA, ZV-170CA4low-floor vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 10.5M CNG200911 yearsZV-166CA1low-floor vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 12M CNG20119 yearsZV-003CJ, ZV-014CJ2low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 12M CNG20128 yearsZV-041CN, ZV-615CM, ZV-865CM3low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 18M CNG20128 yearsZV-251CN, ZV-344CN, ZV-345CN, ZV-349CN, ZV-363CN, ZV-719CN, ZV-723CN, ZV-732CN, ZV-735CN, ZV-736CN, ZV-858CM, ZV-860CM, ZV-726CN13low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Irisbus Citelis 18M CNG20137 yearsZV-718CR1low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 18M20173 yearsZV-103DN, ZV-675DN, ZV-845DN, ZV-852DN, ZV-859DN5low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 12M CNG20182 yearsZV-152DT, ZV-360DT, ZV-452DT, ZV-633DT, ZV-634DT5low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Iveco Urbanway 18M20182 yearsZV-084DV, ZV-113DV2low-floor vehicle, air-conditioned vehicle
Summary for vehicles in serviceAverage age [years]#Number of vehicles in service
Irisbus Citelis 10.5M CNG11.0ZV-166CA1
Irisbus Citelis 12M CNG9.6ZV-003CJ, ZV-014CJ, ZV-041CN, ZV-159CA, ZV-163CA, ZV-169CA, ZV-170CA, ZV-615CM, ZV-865CM9
Irisbus Citelis 18M CNG7.9ZV-251CN, ZV-344CN, ZV-345CN, ZV-349CN, ZV-363CN, ZV-718CR, ZV-719CN, ZV-723CN, ZV-726CN, ZV-732CN, ZV-735CN, ZV-736CN, ZV-858CM, ZV-860CM14
Iveco Urbanway 12M CNG2.0ZV-152DT, ZV-360DT, ZV-452DT, ZV-633DT, ZV-634DT5
Iveco Urbanway 18M2.7ZV-084DV, ZV-103DN, ZV-113DV, ZV-675DN, ZV-845DN, ZV-852DN, ZV-859DN7
Karosa B 952 (ZV)14.8ZV-160BH, ZV-164BH, ZV-165BH, ZV-166BH, ZV-168BH, ZV-169BH, ZV-172BH, ZV-173BH, ZV-349CE, ZV-356CE, ZV-357BI, ZV-358BI, ZV-359BI, ZV-361BI, ZV-362BI, ZV-364BI, ZV-365BI, ZV-366BI, ZV-367BI, ZV-709CD20
Karosa B 961 (ZV)14.0ZV-308BI, ZV-309BI, ZV-314BI, ZV-315BI, ZV-317BI, ZV-318BI, ZV-352BI, ZV-354BI, ZV-355BI, ZV-356BI, ZV-669CE11
Karosa Citybus 12M (ZV)19.0ZV-429CD1
Number of vehicles68
Number of vehicles in service68 (100.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service10.4 years
Number of low-floor vehicles in service37 (54.4%)
Number of air-conditioned vehicles in service31 (45.6%)


Number of vehicles167
Number of vehicles in service162 (97.0%)
Average age of vehicles in service9.0 years
Total number of low-floor vehicles in service85 (52.5%)
Total number of air-conditioned vehicles in service87 (53.7%)