Ticket Types and Prices

Introduction to Trnava's fare conditions

When buying a ticket for the public transport in Trnava, there are not many options to think about before getting one. The passenger can either buy a ticket in cash at the bus driver or get a travel card to pay with each time they get on. When none of these options are possible for the passenger, they might as well buy an SMS ticket by sending any character to 1122. No prepaid ticket options are available.

Short-term tickets & SMS tickets

Ticket type Fare type (age) Price
Paper ticket from the bus driver Full fare (15–61) 0.70 €
Reduced fare (<15) 0.40 €
Reduced fare (62+) 0.20 €
Electronic ticket purchased from a travel card Full fare (15–61) 0.45 €
Reduced fare (<15) 0.25 €
Reduced fare (62+) 0.07 €
SMS ticket Full fare (15–61) 0.70 €

All tickets are purchased directly in the bus, at the driver in cash or at a validator using a travel card. Tickets from the driver are only valid on the bus they were purchased in, thus, the passenger must buy another one when changing routes. Electronic tickets on a travel card offer a free 2nd ride if validated again within 50 minutes of the first validation. Information about where to get such travel card are below.

Location Address Opening hours
Bus station Andreja Hlinku St. 64 Mon–Fri 07:00–17:00

SMS tickets

SMS tickets can be used unlimitedly within their time validity, but do not offer a discounted version.

When buying an SMS ticket, the passenger sends any message to 1122 and waits for a returning message with the ticket. This may take up to 3 minutes, so it is suggested that the passengers sends the message earlier, hence the ticket is not valid without the returning message.

This service is only available to clients of Slovak cellular connection providers.


If a commuter is unable to show a valid ticket, they will be requested to pay a fine for disobeying the fare conditions of Trnava's municipal transport system. If a ticket inspection is launched, the ticket validators are out of service and tickets can be neither purchased nor validated.

The passenger has to pay the price of a full fare single-journey ticket and:

  • 20 € if paid directly in the vehicle or within 5 days
  • 35 € if paid between 6 and 15 days
  • 50 € if paid any later

If paying the fine on the spot is not possible for the passenger, they have to show a valid ID card to the ticket inspector and will be issued a document requesting the payment. They are then asked to send the required amount to Arriva Trnava's bank account.


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