Step-free Access on the Transport

Low-floor vehicles in service

The majority of bus routes and trolleybus routes 4 8 38 offer a spectrum of services with a guaranteed low-floor or semi-low-floor vehicles on them. These are highlighted in timetables, usually with a # symbol. Apart from these services, low-floor vehicles may (or may not) be deployed on non-highlighted services as well. In case of low-floor vehicle insufficiency, inaccessible vehicles may appear on some highlighted services as well.

Wheelchair users on the transport

A wheelchair user may only enter the vehicle with the driver's awareness. The door and the spot in the vehicle designated for wheelchair users are marked with an accessibility sign. The wheelchair user must ensure the wheelchair is protected against undesired movement and fasten it with a seat belt, if present. In vehicles equipped with a fold-out boarding platform, the driver must use this platform and help the wheelchair user board and alight. It is forbidden for passengers to manipulate with the platform. The wheelchair user can signalise their intent to board or alight with one of the blue accessibility buttons if the vehicle is equipped with such buttons.

The same applies for parents with strollers.


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