Nearest departures of route 35 from Šaštínska

Tomorrow (pondelok, 26th Aug 2019)

05:28Patrónka, Dúbravská cesta

Tomorrow (pondelok, 26th Aug 2019)

06:08Patrónka, Dúbravská cesta

Tomorrow (pondelok, 26th Aug 2019)

06:48Patrónka, Dúbravská cesta

Tomorrow (pondelok, 26th Aug 2019)

07:28Patrónka, Dúbravská cesta

Tomorrow (pondelok, 26th Aug 2019)

08:08Patrónka, Dúbravská cesta


Passengers can request a stop also besides defined stops both ways between Sološnická and Kuklovská 60 ("Stop Zone").

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Sunday schedules will be operated on these days:

1. január

Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic

6. január


10th Apr 2020

Good Friday

13th Apr 2020

Easter Monday

1. máj

Labour Day

8. máj

Day of victory over fascism

5. júl

Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

29. august

Slovak National Uprising (SNP) anniversary

1. september

Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic

15. september

Our Lady of Sorrows

1. november

All Saints' Day

17. november

Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

24. december

Christmas Eve

25. december

Christmas Day

26. december

Boxing Day

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1st Jul 2019


31st Aug 2019

Summer holidays